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May 03, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Articles for Model Aircraft Builders

These are techniques that I have used successfully to achieve the desired result.  They certainly aren't the only way and possibly not even the best way.  I only claim that these methods are proven to work.

Many of these articles were prompted by questions from visitors to this website.  If there is something on the site that you would like more information about or there is something you would like to see then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Construction Techniques

  • Install Robart Hinge Points   A 5-part article demonstrating several methods of installing Hinge Points.  Article also contains information appropriate to the installation of any type hinge.

  • Make Film Hinges Also called Monokote Hinges.

  • Mount a Pilot Bust A solid mounting that won't let loose without a force that destroys the plane.



Testing compatibility of finishes

A frame to test finishes. A frame to test finishes. A frame to test finishes.

If you apply painted finishes then do yourself a favor and make a sturdy frame to test finishing techniques.

The last two photos are testing the compatibility of clear epoxy paint applied over vinyl decals.  I found they were not compatible but could work if very light sprayed coats were built up.

Most coverings can be peeled off easily when testing is complete.  Sand the frame and it's ready for next time.


Tools You Can Make





Model Building Tips for Flying Model Aircraft
Hardware used in Flying Model Airplanes

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