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December 04, 2015

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Airfield Models (  me

If you plan to e-mail tips or general information to me, I really prefer that you register with the site and post your tips here instead.  I receive far more tips in my e-mail than are posted on the site.  Why not share with everyone?

If you're a beginner and your question is, "Hi, I want to design my own first airplane. Can you please tell me everything I need to know?" then my answer will be, 'No I can't.  Buy a good trainer kit.'

I have much less available time than I used to and I still get a lot of e-mail.  I can't even claim that I try to answer it all because I simply can't.  If you e-mail and don't hear back from me please don't take it personally.

If you need support for a plane from Airfield RC

I am not affiliated with that company in any way.  Several years after my site was online and well known they decided to name their company Airfield Models for a short time and then renamed it to Airfield RC.  I can guess why they did that but I'll refrain.  Meanwhile I get a lot of inquiries that are meant for them.

Please do not contact me about their products.  I have nothing to do with them and can't help you.

I can broadly advise in these areas:

  • Tool selection and use.

  • Construction techniques and general building issues.

  • Material selection.

  • Scratch-building.

  • Finishing.

  • 2-Stroke glow engine operation.

What I can't help with:

  • Electric powered models or electronics.  I keep trying to talk my buddy Mike into writing a few articles about electrics but without success so far.

  • Gasoline engines and turbine engines.

  • R/C Boats.

  • R/C Cars.

  • Advanced Aerodynamics.

  • A thesis or R/C aircraft design for your Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering.  On the other hand, if you are prepared to compensate me with a percentage of your lifetime earnings after I passed your course for you then that's a different situation.

  • Questions that require a book to answer properly such as, "How do I design a model airplane?"

  • No Research.  Google Images is a good place to start.


Your name and e-mail address are confidential and will never be released to third parties without your permission unless absolutely required by law.

Contact Me:

Your question may be posted on a Mail and FAQ page, but your personal information will not be posted anywhere for any reason without your explicit consent.



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