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May 02, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Model Aircraft in Chronological Order

These are flying model aircraft that I have built.  They are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent models are first).

Not included are models I built but didn't photograph.



At the top of the list are models that are in the queue roughly in the order they will be built.  Things change so these models may or may not actually be completed in the order shown or at all for that matter.

Focke Wolf 190A8 (Sky shark R/C).
Shadow II.
Focke Wolf (Balsa Craft).
Great Gonzo Mk II.
Prairie Wind This one should be very cool!
Herr Pitts Special Pitts Special upgrade I haven't flown this model for a couple years due to weight and balance and the engine/cowl situation (Herr Manufacturering - now owned by Sig Manufacturering).
Dart Number Two
Wonder Under Constructrion (Sig Manufacturing).
My Stik 30 Rebuild Completed August 2006 (Actually, there's more to do but that will be much later).
Tutor Park Flyer Completed  July 2006 (Great Planes).
Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 Raptor 30 V2 Completed June 2006  (Thunder Tiger).
DoodleBug 580F DoodleBug 580F Completed June 2006 (Control-Line-Models).
Wermacht at the drafting table Wermacht's Scorpion Currently under construction.
Dart Number One Dart Prototype and Dart Number One  Completed March 2006.
SR Batteries 1/4 Scale Fokker Eindecker E1 1/4 Scale Fokker Eindecker E1 Completed November 2005 (SR Batteries).
Herr Piper J3 Cub Piper Cub Completed October 2004 (Herr Manufacturering - now owned by Sig Manufacturering).

BMJR Models Splash-E Electric Seaplane

Splash-E Completed October 2004 (BMJR).

Thwing! - Radio Control Delta Flying Wing

Thwing! Completed August 2004.

DoodleBug 330 Completed June 2004 (Bill Netzeband Plans).

Bride of Gonzo

Bride of Gonzo Completed March 2004.

JGRC Aggressor Flying Delta Wing

Aggressor Completed March 2004 (JGRC).


Rustik Completed February 2004.

My Stik 30 (5-Channel R/C Aircraft)

My Stik 30 Completed November 2002.
Great Gonzo (3 to 5-Channel R/C Aircraft) Great Gonzo Completed September 2001.
Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 R/C Helicopter Raptor 30 Completed September 2001 (Thunder Tiger).
Gonzo (3-Channel R/C Aircraft) Gonzo Completed August 2001.
Herr Pitts Special Pitts Special Completed July 2001 (Herr Manufacturering - now owned by Sig Manufacturering).
Marsh Hawk R/C Airboat Marsh Hawk Completed Summer 1990.
Hammerhead (Scale-like R/C Aircraft) Hammerhead Never completed.
Ballerina Unnamed Completed 1985.
Flying Mini Van Turbo Turtle Mid 1980's.
Midwest Models Sweet 'n Low Stik Sweet 'N Low Stik Completed 1984 (Midwest Manufacturing).
Spawn of Satan Spawn of Satan Mid 1980's.
Glenn Spickler Models Quickie 500 Quickie 500 Completed 1984 (Spickler).
Shadow (4-Channel R/C Aircraft) Shadow Completed Winter 1983.
Flying Wing Unnamed Mid 1980's.
Stinky - A modified Craft-Aire Piece-O-Cake Stinky (Converted Craft Aire Piece O' Cake) Completed 1982.
Midwest Models Lil Stik Lil Stik Mid 1980's (Midwest).
Bridi RCM Trainer 40 Trainer 40 Completed 1982 (Bridi RCM).


Miscellaneous Radio Control Models
Undocumented Models

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