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May 02, 2015

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This page shows all new content added to the site in 2009.

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Note:  Page dates (upper left hand corner) indicate the last time the page was updated.  Sometimes that means there is new information and sometimes it means I fixed a typo.

07 - 18 - 2009 Added How to Make Magnetic Variable Angle Fixtures.  Includes drawings you can download.
07 - 18 - 2009 Added Knight Stik Wheel Ideas which includes much enlightened griping about lack of wheel choices for model aircraft.
07 - 18 - 2009 Added How to Silk a Model Aircraft Wing.
07 - 18 - 2009 Added How to Make a Wing Cradle.
07 - 18 - 2009 Added How to Make Cowling Cut-outs.
07 - 18 - 2009 Split About Magnetic Steel Building Boards from Magnetic Building Systems for Model Aircraft.  Added some new information to the Steel Building Boards page.
06 - 19 - 2009

Issued a major correction to my review of the Microlux Tilt Arbor Table Saw.



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