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Mark McCormack's Converted Magnetic Fixtures

May 05, 2015

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Mark McCormack's Converted Magnetic Fixtures

Mark tells me he is the genius behind the magnetic propeller balancer marketed by Top Flite.  I don't own one but I have used one and it's probably the most accurate propeller balancing system currently available.  obviously Mark enjoys reaching creative solutions.


Text and photos are copyright MarkMcCormack

Hi Paul,

I just finished glassing my ailerons.  This morning I trimmed the excess glass and checked them for true.  So far so good.  I have attached a couple of photo’s of some holding fixtures that attach to my tall magnetic jigs.  The 2-56 threaded rod fits into a small hole drilled into each end of the aileron. The assembly can be rotated and allows me to apply the glass cloth to both sides in one piece.  I use two squeegee’s, one each side, to scrape away the excess resin.

Best Regards,


Unfortunately, Mark didn't go into a lot of detail into how to make the system.

It looks as though you would make a standard vertical press but leave off the part where the press threads through.  Instead, a hole is drilled into the end grain at the end of the press that allows a pivot bolt to be threaded in.

A locking nut is used to prevent the parts from rotating easily on their own.  I assume it is loose enough to be rotated when desired but tight enough to stay in place under most circumstances.

A couple short pieces of threaded rod are threaded into the fixture wheel and the end of the aileron.
One side of the part is fiberglassed.  The fixture can be rotated 180° so that the other side can be glassed in the same operation which speeds things up since we normally wait for one side to cure before moving on to the opposite side.
A pair of ailerons completed glassed in one operation.

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