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AMT Imperial AT-ST Walker Wind-Up Model

May 02, 2015

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AMT Imperial AT-ST Walker Wind-Up Model

AMT Imperial AT-ST Walker Wind-Up Model

Manufacturer AMT
Scale Unknown
Building hours ~2

Airfield Models ( History

Next time you watch Star Wars - Return of the Jedi, be sure to pay special attention to the battle scene on the Endor moon that takes place between the legions of the evil Empire and our heroes, Luke, Han, Chewbacca and that Leah.

During the battle, the brave, yet nauseatingly not cute, Ewoks (little people in raccoon suits) provide the Imperial Storm Troopers and AT-ST Walkers with a target-rich environment.  The Ewok's sole purpose is to distract the troopers with their sling-shots and then get blown up.

AMT Imperial AT-ST Walker Wind-Up ModelPay Close Attention

Meanwhile, Chewbacca makes a daring move to take over an Imperial AT-ST Walker.  Unfortunately, the power cells are nearly drained from blasting many, but not enough, Ewoks out of existence (and the movie, thank you).

In order to restore power to the cells, the AT-ST must be wound up using a gigantic winding key on the outside of the hull.

In a deleted scene, the Ewoks clamber up the side of the walker and jump up and down on the key to spin it until power is stored.

Chewbacca lets loose with the cannons disintegrating lots of expendable Storm Troopers.  He is now clear to blow open the doors of the shield-generator station.


About the Model

The AMT Imperial AT-ST Wind-Up Walker was purchased as a whimsical toy for me to play with.  Unfortunately, I could never get the wind-up mechanism to work properly.  It wasn't worth spending the kind of time necessary to fix it.

The model is molded all gray in very soft plastic.  I don't know what type of plastic, but it has a waxy shine to it which made me believe paint might not stick.  I washed the parts well using degreaser and a stiff toothbrush in hopes that the plastic may be abraded will enough to reasonably hold paint.

The model was painted using Tamiya acrylics.  All shading was done with my Hansa 181 airbrush.  No washes were used.  It was a fun project for an afternoon.

Other kits in this series are (or were) offered by AMT.  After completing this kit I went back to the shop where I bought it and they had stopped carrying the series but couldn't tell me if they are still in production.



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