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Visual Basic Database (VB DB)

May 05, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Basic Database (VB DB)

VB DB allows VB6 developers to create custom files that can be used instead of Sequential or Random access files.  It is single-table, flat-file storage/retrieval, record-manipulation code.

The code is designed as a template you can easily convert to save and retrieve data files such as:

  • Game data and save games
  • Tip/Quote of the Day applets
  • Security access files (Group/User/Password, etc.)
  • Address books
  • Sports statistics
  • Student grades
  • Audio/Video collections

VB DB stores data efficiently and includes a nice set of record manipulation routines to include repositioning (move first, move next, etc) searching, sorting, shuffling and of course file read/write capability.

You can also add encryption capability if necessary.  Add an encryption algorithm then encrypt the fields immediately before saving the data and decrypt the data when needed.

In addition to these features, you can set up your VB DB application as a read-only data system (supplies data, but user can not add, edit or delete data) or as a read/write system.

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What VB DB Isn't

This code is not meant to be a replacement for a full-featured database.  It is intended for times when you don’t need the features and don't want the complexity, size or overhead of a traditional database system.

For example, if you need Structured Query Language (SQL) support, linked tables or other more advanced features then VB DB is not the right tool.  Use VB DB when a database is "too much."

VB DB is not a ready-to-use application.  It is Visual Basic source code that can be modified easily and placed into your app to give you a complete set of file manipulation routines without the hassle of writing them yourself.  The code is solid, has good error handling and is easy to use.


Is VB DB Difficult to Modify?

No!  Converting the code is primarily a matter of changing the names of the fields, modifying the interface and adding necessary validation.  I converted the code to a Quote of the Day application (developer's version) in less than 15 minutes to include importing over 1,100 quotes from a Microsoft Access database.

For an indication of size, the Access database was over 500 KB after compacting it.  The resulting quote file was 154 KB — less than one-third the size of the Access database.

I also created an address book in approximately 45 minutes and a DVD database in about 2 hours.  Conversion to an encrypted username/password file required approximately one hour — most of that time was used adding the encryption algorithm.


Future Plans for VB DB

I originally wrote the VB DB code because I found myself copying and pasting code very similar to this in many of my applications.  I finally got smart and wrote this code as a template.  I have no plans to further develop this software unless required by a particular application.

I would very much like to hear your comments and suggestions.  If you find bugs, have suggestions for improvements or general comments, please contact me.

Download VB DB Source Code here.


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