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Converting VB DB to a Daily Quote Applet (Developer's Version) - Step 1

May 05, 2015

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Airfield Models ( VB DB to a Daily Quote Applet
(Developer's Version)

Download VB DB Source Code here.

A common scenario is that a developer needs to create a file to provide data to their application.  The developer must store data in a file in the same manner as the distributed application will read it from the file.

In many cases it isn't appropriate for the end-user to manipulate or edit the data.  For that reason you need at least two versions of your code:

  • Developer's version
  • Distributed version

Using VB DB to create the developer's version of the application will allow you to create files ready for distribution.  When you finish this tutorial you will have an application you can use to create a file containing quotes for a Daily Quote applet.

The second tutorial will show you how to convert the code to a distributable application.  That application will have full editing capability but some developer features will be removed.


Step 1 of 7

Download the VB DB Master source code.  Extract the files and then make a copy of these files in a new folder before you begin the conversion.

Open the VB DB project file, _VBDB.vbp, and save it with a new name such as DailyQuote.vbp.

Rename the Project in the Project properties window to something other than VB DB.


Change the various properties in the Make tab of the Project properties window.



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