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January 15, 2015

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Airfield Models ( of Works by Model Builders

This gallery is to exhibit the work of other builders.  Perfection and mastery are not requirements (although I'd love to see it!).

The only requirement is that the builder made an obvious effort to build a good model that he is proud of.

Hyperbolic Lady II by Antonio Carlos Martins
Asa Branca
Leonardo Caio de Ladalardo Martins
Balsa Racer CS
Carl Layden
BR 1 Sailplane
William Rahiser
Hyperbolic Lady II
Antonio Carlos Martins
Damien Nott's Ugly Stik Antonio Carlos Martins' Ugly Stik  
Submarine MK II
Antonio Amado's
Ugly Stik
Damien Nott
Ugly Stik
Antonio Carlos Martins


Make a Tangram Puzzle
Antonio Carlos Martins' Ugly Stik

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