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2006-2007 Design and Build Contest

November 08, 2007

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This page has 3 comments.

Vancouver Wa.
Posted:June 3rd, 2010
3.57 AM
Do you have any plans for a contest for 2010?
South Africa
Posted:August 9th, 2007
1.17 AM
I would say all contestants were very fairly placed, for me a special mention to the father and son team for the effort of getting two gliders in for the design and build well done. I would really like to see a hyperbolic on a plans page some day.Heres hoping that a new contest will appear soon and that all of those that misunderstood the what and why fors, get out the pencils and put their dreams on paper and build. Personally I think it was a great idea and there are a lot of budding scratch builders out there with new ideas I am sure.Another full marks for Paul for hosting the contest on your web site great stuff.
New Jersey
Posted:August 8th, 2007
1.02 AM
Sorry I didn't complete my entry, 3 deaths, 5 weeks moving my mother in law in from Florida kind of shot my building season. I like you placing of the designs. I'm surprised you got so many sailplanes, mine was going to be one also, sailplaners make up maybe 5% of the hobby, I guess they make up a much larger percentage of builders though.
I liked the idea of using the motor as a spoiler, I'll try that on one of my e-sailplanes.
Richard Border

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