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Model Aircraft Aerodynamics FAQ

November 08, 2007

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This page has 2 comments.

 Gerald Franc Olaer
Posted:March 23rd, 2009
6.40 AM
Is there a formula in calculating the lenght of the tail from the center of gravity?
 Bob Hunt
Cadillac, MI
Posted:December 28th, 2008
9.10 AM

Regarding tail-less delta wing models:

I've seen recommendations for C of G ranging from 10% to 20% of MAC for such models. I've built two of Laddie Mikulasko's "Arrows", which are deltas, one which is 50% reduced from the plans, and 5% of MAC ready to fly has worked real well on both these aircraft. The aircraft are very stable, and yet have plenty of elevator authority. I say this is under "ready to fly" conditions because my big Arrow has the fuel tank mounted in the fin, and the CG shifts from 0% MAC to 5% MAC when fueled. The little one is electric powered, and the CG stays at 5%.

I'm not sure, but I think CG on a tail-less delta is greatly affected by the sweep on the leading edge of the wing. I suspect that a very long root chord and a sharp sweep, resulting in more wing area aft, would work with the CG located further aft than 5%, as the wing area aft of the CG is what determines the pitch stability. Just some educated guessing. Hope this helps.

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