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November 08, 2007

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 Dorset Modeller
Posted:October 18th, 2009
12.31 PM
An Ajusto Jig can be used with a fully sheeted wing, I have modified my jig to enable this.
First I have removed some of the plastic web underneath where the jig rods pass. This has enabled me to fit the lower of a twin spar set up and sheer webs. The upper skin is then fitted at the correct point in the building having completed everthing that can be done from that side of the panel.Remove the panel from the jig. Remove all but 2 of the plastic supports. place supports on the outside of the root and tip ribs, replace steel rods on the plastic supports and continue building. Join the panels on a hinged dihedral board. No problem.
 Peter L
Australia, Melbourne
Posted:April 14th, 2008
5.11 AM
After I found this website (enjoying it quite a bit), I'm about to make me own table and use the magnet system, while I was down at the local hardware store (bunnings in my case), I found a really cheap way to source the magnets, I was able to buy a pack of 20 Magnetic Catches (used on cupboard) for $9 (AUD), then all I did was buy a sheet of 6mm thick MDF to make the triangles. the total cost was about $27 (AUD) of the magnets and $6 (AUD) for the MDF. Another bonus I found was when the magnets were taken out the had a hole in the centre already!
 Tom Schaefer
Posted:January 31st, 2007
11.43 PM
I do not seem to be able to find the files on the clamps for the magnetic building board which are mentioned in your article.

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