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Miscellaneous Military Vehicle Reference Photographs

May 05, 2015

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Miscellaneous Military Vehicle Photographs

I have seen pictures of these tanks in various references, but I have no idea what they are.  These photos were among my Grandfather's possessions.  As I understand it, my Great-Grandfather was a doughboy in WWI so I suspect these belonged to him (the photos - not the tanks I'll bet if I owned a tank the neighbors cat wouldn't be sleeping on the hood of my car much longer.).

Renault R 35 Tank English Mk. 1 tank English Mk. 1 tank English Mk. 1 tank

Regarding the first photo above, I received an e-mail from Jacques:

"Photo 1 is a Renault R 35 also made by Berliet. I know three remaining samples:

  • One in The Tegal Barracks in Berlin
  • One outside the Renault factory in Paris
  • One in the Berliet Foundation collection

That one is probably in working order.

Regards. Jacques "

In a subsequent e-mail, Jacques indicates photos 2 through 4 (above) to be British MK. 1 tanks:

"The other three pictures show the English Mk. 1 tank.  Made in England during WW 1 and first used in the Somme battle.  As they were secret weapons, they were shipped to France in crates and the word TANK was written on the crates, in fact they did look like tanks.  The name remained in English and sometimes in French although the proper word is "char".  You can enquire about these tanks at the Imperial War Museum in England.  Try their web site.

Regards, Jacques."

I received this e-mail in June 2006 from H.P. Mas of France:

"Hello Paul Just wanted to tell you that the tank pictured in the first picture on the "Miscellaneous Military Vehicle Photographs" page is a WW1 Renault FT 17 (also built by Berliet), not a R 35. The R 35 appeared in 1935, it was in fact the successor of the lighter FT 17."

H.P. also provided this link for more information about French armor:

M2/M3 Bradley M2/M3 Bradley M2/M3 Bradley
    A Patria XA-202 or XA-203 Swiss Medical team
USS Bowfin Submarine at Pearl Harbor USS Bowfin Submarine at Pearl Harbor


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