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May 02, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Design and Build Contest FAQ

Questions and Answer about the 2006-2007 Design and Build Contest.


In the rules you state, "wood model."  Do you mean all wood or can I use covering on wings and the like?

Yes, plastic covering is fine. By "wood" I mean primarily wood structure.  The intent is for entrants to build wood model structures.



After reading the rules I must ask a question.  Your description says that it must be primarily of wood construction.  My aircraft will have foam core wings, stabs, and vertical fin.  These will be hand cut with a hot wire bow, then sheeted with balsa.  I may also use this technique on the rear turtle deck that spans from the rear of the canopy to the tail.  Please let me know if this will still allow me to be eligible.

Your model wouldn't be eligible. The contest is for wood model aircraft. A small amount of "other" material is acceptable but as the rules state, the model having less "other" will fare better.



My entry is an online build on <insert world famous model airplane forum here>.  You can download photos and my write-up from there.

No I can't.  Entries must be e-mailed to me.  That includes everything that must be submitted as indicated in the contest rules as well as anything additional you would like to submit.  The deadline for submissions is June 31, 2007.

Please understand that I do not have the time to surf various blogs and forums and piece together multiple posts to create contest entries.



You state as part of the judging criteria, "Quality of design."  How do you define "quality?"

Ultimately, the answer is How do you define quality?



I don't have a chance of winning.  Why should I even try?

Because (in theory) simply making the effort will improve your skill.  Besides, everyone else may quit and you could win by default.



Can I tell other people about this contest?

Yes.  Everyone on the planet is eligible.



I live in a country you've never heard of.  Can I still enter?

Yes, but if there is no mail service from here to there you'll never get your prize if you win.



Do I have to submit my plan?

I would like to see it, but it's not mandatory.  If you do not give me permission to post the plan on the site then it won't be posted.



What if I want to sell my plan?

I will post your contact information so that interested parties can contact you directly.



What if I want to make my plan available for free?

I will host the file for free download.



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