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Erik Jenssen's Magnetic Building System

May 05, 2015

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Airfield Models ( Jenssen's Magnetic Building Board

I received an e-mail from Erik Jenssen of Norway some time ago.  He said that he was considering making a building board from a drafting table.  I've thought the same thing from time to time, but I still use my drafting table for drafting and the board isn't flat enough.

Even so, the tilt feature should be very nice as long as loose items are removed first.

I received this e-mail from Erik Jan, 2006:


Text and photos are copyright Erik Jenssen

Hi Paul!

Remember I told you about my plans for setting up a magnetic workbench based on an architect drawing board?

I finally went ahead and did it.  I moved my workshop from one room of the basement to another, and in that manoeuvere I got enough space for the 175 x 100 cm drawing board.  The wooden table plate is dead solid, so also the stand.  The table can be tilted from 0 til 90 degree, giving me the opportunity to work sitting or upright.  I can also use the table as an ordinary table and adjust the height to both sitting and standing position.

My only concern is the steel plate.  I got a 1.5 mm thick plate from a local workshop and the magnetic effect seems to be OK.  I went around testing with a powerful magnet I normally use for cleaning my aquarium glass for algees.  The plate seem to attach good to the table but if it's necessary I will attach it with glue or screws.

Now I must get the magnets, and I have contacted your supplier and asked for freight rates to Norway. I cant wait to get started!

Erik Jenssen's Magnetic Building Board

Erik Jenssen's Magnetic Building Board



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